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"​The Horse and His Girl" Watercolor by Liana-Melissa Allen 

Inspire your children, and their friends, to become life-long readers. Turn off the TV and read to them for 20-30 minutes everyday, and not just at bedtime. Their success in life and self confidence will thrive. They will soon develop the daily habit of reading, and will forever love you for it!

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See the latest in what Liana-Melissa Allen has created for reading to your young ones, and for them to read, too.   Children and youth are captivated by her colorful illustrations, and love to read her books again and again! Her classical and jazz piano music inspires the soul. 

Cartoonist, writer, and pianist. Liana-Melissa Allen loves to create characters that range from the whimsical, to the anamorphic goofballs, to the awesomely abnormal humans.

She writes children's books and has a book series called "A Horse Valley Adventure". She has also begun a "Horse Valley Toons" comic strip that follows the comical adventures of her Horse Valley crew. Max, Jack, Lax, Donkey, Twiddle and Dwiddle (and so on...) are sure to delight and amuse!

Popular fiction books and cartoons for children, youth and families created by Liana-Melissa Allen 

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