by Liana-Melissa Allen

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About Liana-Melissa Allen

        Liana-Melissa is an award-winning author, cartoonist, and pianist.

Having already written, illustrated and published seven books, she has currently finished her third children's book of her "A HORSE VALLEY ADVENTURE" series. The series is about her horse characters and their friends that live in the land of Horse Valley. Parents and teachers enthusiastically endorse Liana-Melissa's colorful children's books as wonderful for reading aloud and inspirational to young readers.

Liana-Melissa is also a dedicated classical and jazz pianist. Visit her YouTube channel here to enjoy her various selections of piano music. 

Her "A HORSE VALLEY ADVENTURE" series, illustrations, cartoons and musical cartoons feature the humorous antics of her many horse characters and their friends. To enjoy the musical cartoons of her Horse Valley friends, visit fun cartoons and click on the links there. ‚Äč
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